Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WILW and Oh how pinteresting - Spring edition

Hi everyone! Its Wednesday! Finally!!!! as you can see with my exclamation point, I have been waiting for this day. I don't know with you guys, but I personally feel this week is kinda slow and tiring. Well anyways, I'm glad its Wednesday which only means, its' time for WILW and Oh how Pinteresting by The Vintage Apple

As you notice in my previous post, I am in a spring cleaning mood. And I'm loving the outcome! Its' nice to have an organized place. And the most exciting part is linking/participating with Jen of iheartorganizing. You can see my post here and here.

Since its already hot here, I'm currently obsessed with sorbet.
Carrot, beets & guava

If you follow me in Instagram you must have already seen this, I am in love with our new collection. Isn't it so adorabale and it  look so elegant and unique.

And I'm also loving this spring color nail polish from Covergirl. The color is lav-endure, and I totally recommend it. First the color is to die for, its so opaque and pigmented and it last for the whole week.

its pinning time!
Hold on a second, as you all know Pinterest recently updated their site. And one of the changes, is the method of how we imbed images in our blog. Honestly, the recent revamp in their site is much way better. But in terms of embedding images, I honestly prefer the old school. Well anyways, if you want a further tutorial on how to embed image please visit Michelle's blog here.

I love spring, especially I love redecorating our house and give some color. It's just so refreshing in the eyes.

Who doesn't love tulip.

In fashion, I am gravitating towards pastel colors.

Love this top!

In my shopping list. My goal this season is to add some colors in my jewelry collection.

And this is my decorating inspiration right now

Perhaps once I have a baby girl...

Even in place, this picture just makes me want to go to carnival...

I love how pastel colors are being incorporated even in food.

And lastly, just an inspirational words. I will definitely print this out and update my seasonal picture frame artwok

Keep smiling and spread love!!!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toiletries and medicine cabinet organization {link up with iheartorganizing}

My spring cleaning mood is still activated, which is a good sign (crossed finger I hope it continues forever :D) It just makes me feel good to accomplished small projects which I always say – "small thing makes a big difference after all".

This time I was inspired by Jen of iheartorganizing. For me, she's the queen of organization. Well this is my first link up with her, and I'm very excited!

This time I tackled our toiletries and medicine cabinet.

 This how it looks like before:

Ahhhgghh!!! I hate it! things are not in the proper place. So here's how I started:

1. I removed all the items, clean it and sort it. For the medicines, I always check the expiration dates.
2. I purchased extra containers and label it accordingly. Containers are cheap tool in organizing.
3. Arrange, organize, arrange, organize! That's the key.

And finally, here's the outcome!

I'm very pleased and now everything is in place.
You may also want to check out my previous post here, where I tackled a quick 15 minutes or less spring cleaning.

Stay safe! Keep smiling! spread love!!!
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