Saturday, September 22, 2012

Enjoying the last days of summer

We are enjoying the last days of summer as much as we can. We have decided to spend a short getaway over the weekend, and make the most out of it! It was indeed a perfect and relaxing Friday. 

View from the top of our room...

So before splashing in the sea, soaking up the sun, I have decided to put my Barry M. nail polish (featured in my WILW) which is perfect for this weather. I really love the color!
Relaxing time....

And a relaxing lunch overlooking the sea...

I hope you're also enjoying the last days of summer.

Have a glamorous weekend!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My first What I'm loving Wednesday and Oh how Pinteresting

These past few days, I’m surfing the blogosphere and stumbled with these 2 link up - What I'm Loving Wednesday by Jamie and Oh how Pinteresting by The Vintage Apple, which I found very interesting. I truly believed that this is a fun way of interacting and sharing info with other bloggers who have the same interest and passion.

So without further ado, this what I’m loving Wednesday

First I'm happy coz it’s already Wednesday, means got only one day left and weekend again! (I can't believe how fast time goes!!) I love Wednesdays!

I’m loving this new series in my blog! And I love reading the post of other bloggers who shares their WILW.  And since this is my first time to join WILW, I’m so excited to share this post!

I’m loving that the weather here is also changing, though we don't really have a Fall season, but the weather here starts cooling down a bit, but minus of changing colors of the leaves and fall leaves.

I’m also loving my new nail polishes from Barry M. I’m so excited when I came to know that Boots finally brought this brand here. Can’t wait to put it on! I know its already Fall season, but since we don't have one, I can still put on some summer colors (just finding an excuse ;-) )

I'm loving (and I think will be loving it forever) the hello kitty iphone case. I haven’t changed my case since I got this.

And some more Hello Kitty items, isn’t this so cute??!

 Another adorable hello kitty item, a cute way of storing my lenses:

I'm also loving the new bath items that I found on sale

And lastly, I'm loving this new NYX lip glosses I got. The bow on the top, yay its so cute! I'm giving the other one for my lovely sister... Hope she’ll like it.

And here are some pins I'm loving this past few days...


I love this flat:

And some inspirational words...

some informative shopping tips...

I can eat all of these...
Source: via Joy on Pinterest

fall fashion jacket...

That's it for now... Would love to know your WILW and your OHP!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Everythingtastiful recipe for this week: Fresh Za'atar Salad

One of the best parts with Lebanese cuisine is that most of their foods are healthy and are being prepared using the freshest ingredients. Wanna share one of our favorite salad, we seldom make this salad 'coz the za'atar leaves are not always available in the super market. So what is Za'atar?  If you live in the Middle East region or probably have eaten in any Middle Eastern restaurant, Za'atar is commonly being served and use in salads, breads, and as a seasoning. It belongs to the family of Middle Eastern herbs - oregano, thyme and Satureja. I first encountered Za'atar in a dried herb form, mix with sesame seeds, dried sumac, salt and other spices. I love mixing it with some olive oil and spread it with toasted bread. And later on, discovered that one of the Lebanese restaurant here occasionally sells fresh Za'atar. Za'atar has a long green leaves and has similar flavor like thyme.

I was told by a Lebanese friend, that there is an old belief that za'atar makes the mind alert and makes the body strong. That's why her mom used to tell her to eat za'atar sandwich in the morning before she go to school. Well, up till today there's is no actual study which will proof that this is a fact. But anyhow, like any other herbs Za'atar has a good benefits,- such as eating it with bread helps digest the heaviness of the bread and can prevent many digestive and allergic reactions related to bread. Mixed it with boiling water and sweetened with honey, the fresh herb is a safe cure for stomach problems and cough/sore throat.

Well for me no matter what is the health benefit that za'atar can offer, I always consider any green leafy vegetable as a great nutritional boost to any diet.

Bone a petite!


one bunch of fresh za'atar* leaves

1 medium size white onion (sliced)
1 cup green olives (stoned and sliced lengthways)
1 tsp sumac*
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 c lemon juice
1/2 c olive oil
salt to taste

1. Removed the leaves of the zaatar from the stem and clean in a running water.
2. Drained the leaves/pat dry and place in a salad dish.
3. Add the onion and olives.

Salad dressing:

4. In a medium bowl, whisk together the lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and salt.
5. Pour the lemon dressing in the za'atar salad.
6.  Sprinkle with sumac.

You can service this with grilled chicken or meat or eat it with pita, or enjoy as is!

*You may find this with your local Middle eastern food shop

Style to Steal

Apology for not updating my blog, I've been so busy these past few weeks with work and on top of that I'm helping my friend in preparing a surprise 50th party for her husband. And the much awaited and long preparation surprise party will be happening tomorrow. So cross finger I hope everything goes as planned.

Anyways, since its Thursday I've received an update from Little Black Bag (LBB) with regards to their newly added products. And when I saw one of their new items, even though that I'm so tired I can't help myself not to share this with you!

I've been dying to own this Celine bag!!! (and I think my wallet will also die soon! lol) unfortunately this "IT BAG" (so called) is always sold out and here in Bah we don’t have much of option. Last time I went to Saks 5th Avenue they only got 1 color.

Who's not going to fall in love with this bag?!? It looks classy, very roomy/big bag (just right up my alley), and with a unique structured look which I think makes this bag stand out.

So let's splurge our eyes…
image from Celine site

Enough of splurging, well actually the reason why I have mentioned LBB is that because I found this new item that they got from Street Level which retails for $72/- but with *LBB you are getting it for $49.95 only! with an inclusive of 2 or 3 more items, this is a great "style to steal" for the Celine Boston Bag.

Left image from Celine site/ right image from LBB

*Find the full details about LBB here!!

NOTE: Please note that I am not affiliated with any of the company mentioned. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My August love at first sight, to my heart's delight!

1a. Body Shop Shea Body butter

I have a very dry skin, I’ve tried so many kinds of lotions and oil but nothing really works. I used to ignore body butter since I have an impression that it’s sticky/greasy especially in a humid weather. Well I was wrong, I was so desperate to fix my problem so I went to Body Shop and grab a shea butter to try. And OMG, I’m not over exaggerating it, but next day (after putting the night before) I have the softest legs ever! It also fixes my after shaving problem, before I used to have this irritation right after shaving but my HG shea butter resolve everything! I’m so glad that I bought this. I even went back and bought some extras for reserve.  

1b. Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

This is another HG for my stubborn dry skin. I tend to have always a dry cuticle and this cream works wonder. And the smell is just right up my alley. This works great also for any dry part of your body (i.e elbow, toes, or even hands). I also use this for my feet, and I’m very happy with the results. The only downside is…it’s a bit pricey. But I think its all worth it!

2. Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost

Another HG product for me is from Body Shop as well, you may recall back in June I have featured it in my mini shop with me series. Well I guess, for now I can give you a fair review about it. After a month of using the product, one of my colleagues gave a complement about my skin and she said that my skin is glowing. I haven’t changed anything with my routine except for this. It really makes your skin soft and radiant. It consists of vitamin C, which is good for our skin. What I really like is that, it’s a dual purpose serum; it also acts as my primer. Its texture resembles to a primer. I love the citrus smell too!

3. Burt's Bees Tinted lip balm
I recently received this from my Insiders' choice box, I tend to have very dry and chapped lips. And nothing works for me, except Neutrogena (love this one). I thought nothing can beat it, but right now I'm also loving Burt's Bees tinted lip balm, it also makes my lips so soft and unlike other tinted lip balms this never makes my lips dry and flaky. So if I'm lazy to put on lipstick I just use this instead.

4. Koji Eyelash Curler (No.70) and Almay get up and grow mascara
Can’t live without these!!! They work hand in hand for me! Review coming up soon!

5. Wet n’ wild silent treatment eyeshadow palette
I find myself always reaching for this palette. Its so pigmented, smooth and easy to apply. And it goes with everything, very versatile. And you can easily make a simple Smokey eye look.

6. Bath & Body Works Hand sanitizer, Hand soap and Wallflowers Fragrance Bulb in Island Margarita
Who doesn't love margarita???!!?? But seriously I fell in love with this scent! Its so yummy!!! It's a fresh and fruity tropical scent. The smells stays for long time. And its so addicting, I find myself always putting sanitizer just because I love the smell. I wanted to try the candle, but its a bit pricey. I hope they can also make this in lotion and body spray.

7. Bath and Body works scented candle in  Homemade Cookies Biscuits Maison (Currently unavailable in their site)
Found this on sale!! And I'm happy that I got it. It fills my entire house with a smell of newly bake cookies!
Mix with some cinnamon and nutmeg smell!!! so yummy!!

That’s it for now… Would love to know your love at first sight… to my heart's delight for the month of August!!!
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