Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My first What I'm loving Wednesday and Oh how Pinteresting

These past few days, I’m surfing the blogosphere and stumbled with these 2 link up - What I'm Loving Wednesday by Jamie and Oh how Pinteresting by The Vintage Apple, which I found very interesting. I truly believed that this is a fun way of interacting and sharing info with other bloggers who have the same interest and passion.

So without further ado, this what I’m loving Wednesday

First I'm happy coz it’s already Wednesday, means got only one day left and weekend again! (I can't believe how fast time goes!!) I love Wednesdays!

I’m loving this new series in my blog! And I love reading the post of other bloggers who shares their WILW.  And since this is my first time to join WILW, I’m so excited to share this post!

I’m loving that the weather here is also changing, though we don't really have a Fall season, but the weather here starts cooling down a bit, but minus of changing colors of the leaves and fall leaves.

I’m also loving my new nail polishes from Barry M. I’m so excited when I came to know that Boots finally brought this brand here. Can’t wait to put it on! I know its already Fall season, but since we don't have one, I can still put on some summer colors (just finding an excuse ;-) )

I'm loving (and I think will be loving it forever) the hello kitty iphone case. I haven’t changed my case since I got this.

And some more Hello Kitty items, isn’t this so cute??!

 Another adorable hello kitty item, a cute way of storing my lenses:

I'm also loving the new bath items that I found on sale

And lastly, I'm loving this new NYX lip glosses I got. The bow on the top, yay its so cute! I'm giving the other one for my lovely sister... Hope she’ll like it.

And here are some pins I'm loving this past few days...


I love this flat:

And some inspirational words...

some informative shopping tips...

I can eat all of these...
Source: via Joy on Pinterest

fall fashion jacket...

That's it for now... Would love to know your WILW and your OHP!

9 share your thoughts:

  1. I just found your blog through the link-up!!

    The chocolate/sprinkle covered bananas look so good!! I had a chocolate covered frozen banana at the fair once and it was literally to die for. I can't wait to try to make them!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  2. I've made those frozen banana pops before. They are yummy.

  3. Stopping by from the link-up!
    I love all things Hello Kitty! And those choco covered bananas look so yummy!

  4. Now. I really want to try bananas dipped in chocolate! Not sure how longs it's been since having one!

    Have a lovey day :)

  5. omg give me those bananas!

    New follower! Have a great day! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot and say hi!


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