Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toiletries and medicine cabinet organization {link up with iheartorganizing}

My spring cleaning mood is still activated, which is a good sign (crossed finger I hope it continues forever :D) It just makes me feel good to accomplished small projects which I always say – "small thing makes a big difference after all".

This time I was inspired by Jen of iheartorganizing. For me, she's the queen of organization. Well this is my first link up with her, and I'm very excited!

This time I tackled our toiletries and medicine cabinet.

 This how it looks like before:

Ahhhgghh!!! I hate it! things are not in the proper place. So here's how I started:

1. I removed all the items, clean it and sort it. For the medicines, I always check the expiration dates.
2. I purchased extra containers and label it accordingly. Containers are cheap tool in organizing.
3. Arrange, organize, arrange, organize! That's the key.

And finally, here's the outcome!

I'm very pleased and now everything is in place.
You may also want to check out my previous post here, where I tackled a quick 15 minutes or less spring cleaning.

Stay safe! Keep smiling! spread love!!!

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  1. Cute labels! I just followed you on Google Friend Connect. I'd love it if you could check out my blog (I also did the Linens and the Loo challenge) and follow me on Google Friend Connect/ BlogLovin at http://twentysomethingbows.blogspot.com/.

    Thanks and Happy Tuesday!

    1. @ashlee thanks for dropping by... just followed you!

      thanks again! xoxo

  2. I just cleaned out our medicine cabinet. It felt so-good to have it organized!! I love what you did with yours - the labels are especially a cute touch.

    1. @rachel thanks for dropping by! I just checked your blog regarding your recent post about your medicine cabinet and its very informative post!

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