Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WILW and Oh how pinteresting

Hi everyone! Its Wednesday (yippeeee!!!) its time for WILW and Oh how Pinteresting by The Vintage Apple

After couple of days in the fridge, this cupcake taste much better. you can get the recipe here.

It's getting a bit warmer, so I'm back with my all time favorite peach ice tea.

I'm also loving this watch, been wearing it almost everyday from the time I got it.

Sorry not much of things (I mean material things) to be love this week, but I have better pins or may I say reminder to share with you!!


Its still love month, for me this month doesn’t mean only for lovers. For me this month is for all kinds of love – love towards your other half, love towards your family, love towards your friends and colleagues. And most importantly love to yourself. Most of the time we intend to overlooked ourselves. Love yourself first before anyone else... So here are some pins that I hope will help you to remember to LOVE YOURSELF.

Go look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see.

Always remember this!

and this is my favorite part! 5 easy steps!

Always remember Love is not for month of February only, but its for all year round.

And lastly, I want to share with you my favorite bible verse:

Keep smiling and spread love!!!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Pinterecipe mood: 2 ingredients chocolate cupcake

Who’s not familiar with Pinterest? Well I guess no one! I myself have always been hooked with this site, and it also came to a point where I've spent half of my day pinning and surfing. {You can follow me here}

So one day, I was in a baking mood and have decided to try this 2 ingredients cupcake. Yes you heard me right only two ingredients!!!
You only require:

1. cake mix
2. pure canned pumpkin

Original recipe calls for a cake mix but apparently I don’t have one, so I just use the muffin chocolate mix, hoping that it will also work…

So here’s the step-by-step procedure:

1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
2. Combine the 2 ingredients.
3. Grease your muffin tin and line it with your cupcake liners.
4. Spoon into greased muffin tin and (optional) top with some chocolate chips or walnuts.
5. Bake for 20-22 minutes or until toothpick inserted comes out clean.

Verdict: I find it OK, but it didn’t really WOWed me. It’s not fluffy (unlike what others are saying) and it is somehow a moist texture (but not really moist). For me sweetness is just OK for my preferences. But my hubby and my friend said that it needs more sugar. So if you have a sweet tooth, I guess you have to modify this and add some more chocolate chips or sugar. But overall, it’s OK considering that it’s so easy to make and it’s a healthy alternative to your normal cupcake/muffin. Next time, I will try to make it with a cake mix (as the original recipe calls), maybe result will be different.
But I'd still recommend that you give it a try, especially during the days where you crave for some sweets.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WILW and Oh how pinteresting

Hi everyone! Its Wednesday again so it only means its time for WILW and Oh how Pinteresting by The Vintage Apple

I am addicted with this chocolate covered strawberry with pistachio, well actually you can try many variations you can put nuts, candies, mix of white and dark chocolate, etc.

My NOTD, love the combination of revlon and nail inc

This is my newly discovered addiction, cone pizza

It's pinning time!!! I can't deny I am still in valentine mood, well why not???


I warned you guys, I'm really obsessed with this right now...

after eating, its a must to have a nice tea with a touch of heart...

and redecorate your room like this...

and if your planning to have a tattoo, I think this one is so cute!

Keep smiling and spread love... Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love is in the air: Valen-TIME recap

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has a great big heart day! Here's a recap of my big heart day:

While I was too busy doing my online shopping in (I'll do a haul once I received it), my hubby surprised me with a gift. He gave it at exactly 12 midnight. 

I was so happy that I got this Michael Kors watch, coz honestly I have been eyeing for this model.

At night of the big heart day, we went out for a simple dinner. Here's my valen-tire lookbook:

Top: I got his on sale in H&M, so most probably not available anymore. But I also love this boxy layered eyelet top from Forever21
Skirt: I got this Peplum skirt on sale from Debenhams last year. I love the details and the gold buttons. ASOS has also nice peplum skirt.
Tights: from H&M
Shoes: from Christian Louboutin love this and its the perfect height for me.
Watch: Cartier ballon bleu I received this as a gift from hubby 2 years ago.
Bracelet: Forever21
Necklace: Gold bullet strand from Baublebar
Earring: Channel

And here's the makeup products that I've used:

Post VALEN - TIME recap:

Next day, we are still in the big heart day mood. So we went out for a movie and this time I gave him my surprise gift. 

First, isn't this so cute and adorable, I found this in hallmark and it was on sale. I really fell in love with this.

 Well, I guess hubby doesn't care about the bag :). Here's what I got for him:

I'm happy coz he really likes it. Well I guess its time for him to upgrade his old blackberry phone. I just hope he can keep up with the touch screen :)

Then we had this unique pizza in a shape of a cone or a.k.a "cone pizza". It was so yummy, and I like the idea of it, its such unique way of eating your typical pizza.

 This is how they cook the pizza cone, cool huh?!?

Well that's how we celebrated our valentines day (pre & post). What about you how did you celebrate your big heart day?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

love is in the air edition of WILW and Oh how pinteresting

Hi everyone! I really miss being part of this, well anyways I'm back for WILW and Oh how Pinteresting by The Vintage Apple

For the love in the air edition of WILW...

I'm really loving our valentine decor which I shared yesterday... see the full post here

I don't know with you guys, but during the month of heart I find myself eating more of sweets and chocolate (weird)

I'm loving this new Reese chocolate (I'm not really sure if its a new one, well atleast its new to me)

and I'm loving these cookies with toasted sesame seeds and pistachio nuts. I'm not sure about the name in english. But as you can see I obviously love this so much!!!

I'm also loving and enjoying the new app - #imadeface. Here is my first attempt that I posted in my instagram, I think its close enough. Follow me here to see more random things.

It's pinning time! Since its month of heart, you will see tons of red, pinks, and heart (so please be aware)


For me, February means dessert, sweet and chocolate month!!!

red macaron + heart shape = perfect dessert

once more, strawberry + chocolate chips = perfect cookies

enough of foods, time to splurge yourself with touch of hearts

heart shape diamond such a perfect ring and a perfect gift for your love ones  (I hope hubby is reading this :D )

and a simple way to splurge yourself is by giving yourself some mani

and some diy

and some inspirational words

this makes me laugh, it is somehow true though

and we always have to remember, this month is not only for lovers, we also need to love ourself first.

 What is your plan this coming valentine day? whatever it is don't forget to smile and spread love...


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