Wednesday, August 29, 2012

elf BOGO SALE!!!

Just a heads up, ELF is currently having a BOGO sale for their Best Seller products category. Just used the code BOGO. This promotion is valid till 2 September only. And upon check out don't forget to refer 3 friends by indicating their email so you can get your FREE gift.


I just placed my order, can't wait to receive it!and do my shop with me online series! plus review. 

NOTE: Please note that I am not affiliated with ELF, just sharing some sales alert.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Look what I’ve got today???

I was looking forward to receive my Aug GlossyBox, just in reparation of my last month meh box. Well without further ado, here’s what I got:

For this month's Glossy Box themed is International Superstar and features a selection of products that are well known in different countries.

So what I have received:

  1. Alessandro Pro White Nail Polish (from Germany)- optically brightening effect nail polish with anti-yellowing formula for radiant white and gleaming nails. I'm not sure about the size, its not indicated in the bottle. I'm very interested in trying this product, since sometimes I also have a problem with yellowish nails.
  2. All For Eve for The Eve Foundation, Eve's Balm (no country origin indicated)-a balm to nourish dry skin. Perfect for me, can't wait to try. I got it in 25ml size.
  3. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (from Japan) - revolutionary water-soluble cleanser. I got it in 30ml size. I'm a bit hesitant to try this product since I'm avoiding putting some oils in my face.
  4. Lipcote (from UK)- original lipstick sealer and secret of long lasting, feather fade and water resistant lipstick. I got it in 7ml size. Honestly, this is the first time that I heard about this kind of product. Initial impression based on the description in the card, its a cool idea, but then when I smelled the product, its horrible its smell like a nail polish (by the way same texture also) I cannot imagine putting this on my lips. 
  5. Glossybox Lipstick in glossy pink color (from Glossybox UK) -professional beauty lipstick for soft and glamarous lips with a luminous, long lasting color.  I got it in 4g size. I like the color but need to put it in test.
  6. Vera Valenti L'ombre à Paupière Margarita (from Spain)- an eyeshadow palette offering selection of ten different colors. I received the neutral shade selection. I can't believe that this is well known in Spain coz it really looks cheap. The pigmentation is very bad. I guess I will be more happy and prefer to receive Wet n Wild palettes :).
NOTE: I will try and give you my final thoughts about the products soon.

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed my box for this month, but sadly, I had cancelled my account with them. From the start all I want to do was to give it a try. And I just want to experience receiving monthly beauty subscription, but I know that sooner or later I will cancel my subscription. Factors I have considered are:

Extra payment that I’m paying for shipping charges from LON to BAH, which I find not very practical;

I don’t like receiving sample perfumes or beauty creams I would rather received sample make-ups. Coz’ for sample perfume, I can also get it here from my local Sephora, Paris gallery, or Debenhams. And for the creams, since I have sensitive and prone acne type skin I tend to stick with my current facial routine;

And like what I have said before, I would rather save the same amount of money that I’m paying every month and buy the items that I like. And you know how it works when you buy something, like in Sephora or Debenhams you will be probably receiving some samples too ;).

But if you have extra money to spend then why not?!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My first experience with Little Black Bag

Lately I’ve been so interested with monthly beauty services. And recently everyone is raving about Little Black Bag. So I’ve decided to check it out and sign-up. So what is Little Black Bag (LBB)?

LBB is an online shopping monthly subscription service, same concept like the other beauty subscription service. But instead of receiving random beauty products, with LBB you are in full control of your items. LBB carries handbags, accessories, makeup, jewelry, and even some home decor. The brands that their carrying are - Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden, Disney Couture, and many more others. So, initially upon signing up you have to take a style quiz. Then you have to choose, whether you want to subscribe for monthly and for one time deal. One time deal cost $60/- and for monthly $49.99 plus shipping, I paid total net of $54.33. (I know it’s kinda expensive!) Please note that if you choose monthly you still have an option of skipping the month. Thereafter, you go and view their gallery, which consists of the various items I mentioned above. You go and choose your first/main item, once you have obtained your main item, they will disclose what are the mystery items that the LBB stylist added to your bag (it might range to 2-3 items and these are based on your style quiz). You will then proceed to the main gallery, this time you will notice that under the gallery they have added your bag. And the fun part begins!

The exciting part is that you can trade the items that you didn’t like. Please note that you have only 7 days to trade your items. And another important thing to note, their adding new products every Monday and Thursday. So how can you trade for your item(s)? You go to the gallery and once you found the item that you like, click “Make a Trade Offer.” And then you select the item(s) from your bag that you want to trade. Shoppers who have the item will be notified immediately that they have a trade request!  Then once you’re happy with your bag, or if the 7 days passed then you have your LBB box shipped to you.

What I choose?

Initially I wanted to get the Nila Doctor Bag (in turquoise color), but it was already sold out. Since I’m very excited and really wanted to try how the system works. I just choose Urban expression envelope clutch. In the picture is looks OK.

Then after that they added 2 more items:

I didn’t like both of the items, especially the neon plastic orange bag from BCBGeneration.

I tried so much to trade both of the items but nobody wanted to accept it. Then one day one LBB shopper offered me a Betsey Johnson Necklace in trade of the BCBGeneration neon orange bag. So I accepted the offer, when I got the Betsey Johnson 2 Row Frog & Flower Necklace, you can’t imagine how many offers I’ve received! But apparently didn’t like any of the offers, so I’ve decided to keep it. Same thing, with my a.v. max - Single Stud Hoop Earrings and my main item, I kept both of it since I didn’t received any good offers and none of them also accepted my offers.

NOTE: Just be aware, trading is so addicting!!!


Even though that I already knew what items I will be receiving, I’m still excited to see how it actually looks like. Along with my items they have included a return/exchange form, which will not apply to me since I don’t live in US.

So what I got?

My free Redken dry shampoo 54ml- I never tried this brand, so I’m looking forward to try this.

Betsey Johnson 2 Row Frog & Flower Necklace- very cute design! Normal retail price is $42/-

a.v. max - Single Stud Hoop Earrings- nice, just to add to my collection. Normal retail price is $30/-(not sure about the exact amount coz its not stated in the package, but I can remember its approx $30)

And finally my main item: Urban Expressions-Licorice Clutch, normal retail price is $55/-. its an envelope clutch that comes with gold shoulder chain.

One main thing why I don't prefer to shop online is that because I won’t be able to scrutinize the item. One thing that you should know about me is that, when purchasing I am very meticulous; since I’m paying/buying the item, I wanted it to be perfect as much as possible. When I unpack the bag, I immediately checked each corner of it and apparently I found some damages:

1. Theirs' a gap in stitching, in comparison with the other side whereas the connecting stitch was perfectly done.

2. In the same corner, a part of the leather is almost peeling off.

3. And some minor stitching problem
Comparison: above image side with defect; bottom image side which is OK.

But like I said I don’t have a choice but to keep the item. I’m not willing to spend shipping charges. But if I were in US definitely I would have returned the item.

Final Thoughts:
  1. I personally found that $50/- a bit expensive, if I’m a resident in US there are lots of shop options who also carries the same brand that their offering (i.e. Marshall, TJ Max, Ross, etc.) and the price might be cheaper and you might find better deal and brands.
  2. And like me, who’s very meticulous buyer, I would rather choose to see the item in actual. 
  3. Same thought applies like with other monthly beauty subscription, if you have extra money then why not. LBB is such a fun experience in terms of online/social shopping! So why not try!?! and it seems that they have a good return exchange policy (I wish I could try that, but like I said it doesn't apply with me) But remember with LBB your happiness is guaranteed! Am I going to open my next bag again?? My answer, ofcourse!!!! its a fun interactive shopping! and at the same time you can gain some LBB friend shopper!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

ETT Flash news

Love at first sight… to my heart's delight

I've decided to carry out a new regular monthly post in my blog and I'm calling it “Love at first sight… to my heart's delight”. This will feature products that I’ve tried and ending up liking/loving it.

This will not cover only beauty products but I'm also including some various categories from fashion, home, kitchen etc.

This section is also being added to my Pinterest board. My heart can't wait to share you these things!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A beautiful day

Today is such a beautiful day, I felt its like my birthday! Why? Coz I received 2 mails at the same time.

Unboxing my first box:

My first and last Julep Maven

I am very much interested with monthly beauty subscription, even though that I’m paying extra I just want to give it a try and share my thoughts about it. I knew this subscription awhile back now, but I was not interested to subscribe since I found it too way pricey for the product that you’re getting. But then, when I was surfing the net I saw this discount code for initial subscription, the fee is only a PENNY! Yes you heard me right only a PENNY. So I subscribed with them. And the customer service is excellent! I emailed them for some shipping issues and they responded promptly.

Same like any other beauty subscription, upon signing up you have to take a short quiz, to basically know your style. According to the quiz my style is- Classic with a Twist, and they showed the items or the color of the nail polish that I’ll be receiving.
Photo credit from Julep maven site

But since I’m not very interested of receiving the nail polish color that's included in Classic with Twist, I changed and pick other style which is- Bombshell .

So what I have received:

  1. two cute toe separators;
  2. Natasha - a bright, vibrant, and creamy orange
  3. Oscar - sparkly gold glitter
  4. Pedi Crème which claims to exfoliate, hydrate, and nourish your feet
Final thoughts:

This kind of monthly subscription is kinda different than the other beauty subscription since Julep maven only caters nail products. You're receiving a 2  full size of their nail polish and each one is being retailed for $14/-, and you're just paying $20/- a month which I think a pretty good deal! Its a good deal if you don't have any other option of nail polishes. Having said that even though that you're getting a 2 full size of nail polish I still find it a bit expensive, if you're like me who is a budget conscious type girl, then I would rather go and seek for sale section of nail polishes and some great deals in drugstore. In this way, I can choose the color that I really like and brands that I have tried or wanting to try.
I cancelled my subscription, since as I said I don't find it practical for me to pay $20 plus some shipping charges to SnS and out of that I'm just getting a nail polish. I would rather save the money and buy the nail polish that I really wanted. But as always, it depends on your preferences, if you have extra money/budget then why not.
But additional, positive side, I really like the formula of the nail polish.

Unboxing my second box:

Insider's Choice Box

Being a budget conscious type girl, I am always in the mood of seeking for a good deal. And one lucky day while surfing the net, I found this good deal from BeutyBar. Beauty Bar teamed up with CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) and they have collated 11 pieces of award-winning beauty products and they put this all together in one box for only $25(free shipping)!

This is for a limited time only! And they also have a special deal that when you buy 2 boxes you'll get the third box for free by using the code BBCEW. Great deal right!?

So in my case, I paid for the box ($25), plus I paid $28/- for SnS, so total that I spent $53/-. Still a great deal coz the total value of the box is $109/-

What's in the Insider's Choice box?

  1. L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Serum Intense -(Full-Size: 1 FL OZ, $24.99;
    Size Received: 1 FL OZ, $24.99 )
  2. *L’Oréal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara -(Full-Size: 0.34 OZ, $8.95;
    Size Received: 0.34 OZ, $8.95)
  3. *Heidi Klum Shine Eau De Toilette, 0.5 oz. - (Full-Size: 0.5 FL OZ, $9.99;
    Size Received: 0.5 FL OZ, $9.99)
  4. StriVectin-TL Tightening Neck Cream, Travel Size (Full-Size: 1.7 OZ, $89.00;
    Size Received: 0.25 FL OZ, $13.08)
  5. *L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream-1 oz. - (Full-Size: 1 OZ, $10.00;
    Size Received: 1 OZ, $10.00)
  6. *Burt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuaçu Butters Body Lotion -(Full-Size: 6 OZ, $8.00; Size Received: 6 OZ, $8.00)
  7. *Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm-Red Dahlia -(Full-Size: 0.15 OZ, $7.00;
    Size Received: 0.15 OZ, $7.00)
  8. *Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer in Neutralizer - (Full-Size: 0.2 FL OZ, $9.99; Size Received: 0.2 FL OZ, $9.99)
  9. IT Cosmetic Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, Travel Size - (Full-Size: 0.28 FL OZ, $24.00;
    Size Received: 0.11 FL OZ, $9.42)
  10. *Dr. T’s Supergoop! All-Over Everyday UV Lotion for Face & Body – SPF 30+ – 1.6 oz. Travel Size - (Full-Size: 1.6 FL OZ, $14.00; Size Received: 1.6 FL OZ, $14.00)
  11. *Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Color Strips, Animal Instinct-16 count - (Full-Size: 1 SET, $9.99  (each); Size Received: 1 SET, $9.99 USD (each) = $20.00 USD for both.)
*- Received item in full size

Out of the 11 products I've received 8 products in full size, I really like the selection of the products that I've got. The price that I've paid is all worth it! Cant wait to review/try some of the products that are new to me.

Get it while it lasts!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My first Glossybox UK

This month I ordered my first Glossybox UK. I initially subscribed with Birchbox but I lost my patience in waiting. So I've decided to try Glossybox (beauty monthly subscription with a fee of £12.95 plus shipping charges of £2.95). Since I don’t live in UK or in US, I am using a mail forwarding service, which is commonly known as virtual post office box services. I'm currently registered with Aramex Shop & Ship (SnS). Their offering three personalized lifetime accounts in the US, UK and China for only a one-time membership payment fee of $45.

So how does it work? Let me explain to you before I jump to my topic so in this way I can justify my conclusion later. You'll be given personal account numbers, aka your new ‘physical’ delivery addresses in the US, UK and China. Once you ordered and items are shipped to your mailbox, SnS will sent you an update activity notifying you with the items received along with the charges that you need to pay. Note that you are being charge per half kilo. You have an option of paying it online or upon delivery.   The packages need 5-7 business days after arriving in your US and China account and 3-4 days from your UK account to get to you (customs and clearance processes may vary from country to country).

So I placed my first order in 25th July, according to Glossybox site they will notify you once the item have been dispatched. 1st of August I still didn’t received any email from Glossybox, so I emailed them just check the status of my order, no response not until 7th of August, and received this response:

"I'm happy to see that your box was signed for only 30 minutes after sending this email - I hope you enjoy your box!"

Apparently I already received a notification from SnS since 3rd August that I have received a mail from my UK mailbox, so Glossybox response didn't really help me at all. 

Well, as newly member I'm not really impress with their customer service. I was expecting a quicker response.

SnS took 5 days to deliver the box to me, and delivery charges is $11/-. I was somehow excited, and hoping that I can get the same things as the other bloggers.

Photo credit from Glossybox site


So what I have received:

Bottom: L-R: swatch of the Poly pong pong lip frosting; swatch of the Kryolan satin powder

For this month’s Glossy Box themed is festival season and features a selection of products that are ideal for an instant glam for any upcoming festivals!

So what I have received:

  1. Colin Resultime Regenerating Collagen Gel- multitasking superhero containing 15 key skin molecules. As you can see in the above picture the size is just 15ml. I put it on my hands so you can visualize the size of it.
  2. Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturising Sea Spray-Create a tousted beachy style any time. Well I guess this is perfect for summer season. I got it in 25ml size.
  3. Monu Extra Rich Night Cream - A lux night cream to intensively nourish and firm whilst you sleep. I got it in 20ml size.
  4. Jelly Pong Pong Irish Cream Pavlova Lip Frosting- A multifunctional cream gloss. Use on lips or for cheeks. Very thick consistency and smells like candy, I really love the smell. It’s a bright pink tint. I got it in 15ml size.
  5. Kryolan Satin Powder -This micro-fine powder will create extraordinary shimmer effect eye makeup. The powder is certainly very fine, buttery and smooth. I received the shade SP331, bright coral/pinkish tone.  I got it in 3g size.
Out of the 5 products, I received 2 full size of Jelly Pong Pong Irish Cream and Kryolan Satin Powder . Am I happy with my first glossy box? Not really, for several reasons:
  1. it would be nicer, if I received a personalised gift from them as a first timer subscriber. In that way subcribers would then feel that its very personalised. This is just a small way of impressing your clients and keeping your client;
  2. I was not really happy with their customer service, as explained above;
  3. maybe because I've checked what others have received I was hoping to received the HD Brows Eyebrow Palette instead of the Kryolan Satin Powder; and
  4. and another factor that I’m reconsidering is the price, given that I’m paying extra because of the international shipping charges.
Well I'm still looking forward to received my next box, thereafter I will make my decision whether I should keep it or just cancel it.

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