Monday, December 24, 2012

Blogmas No. (8) day 24/25th:Merry Christmas!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you all! And may God's grace be with you. Wishing you lots of love, joy & happiness!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blogmas No. (7) day 23rd: China here we come!

Hi everyone! Just quick post before hopping into our flight to China. We will be celebrating our Christmas and New Year and/plus my birthday in China and Macau. Packing is a bit of challenging, my plan is to shop (Helloo China????) but the problem is the weather! I've checked it online and currently its 1 degree celcuis. So in short my luggage are full of winter clothes!

I hope your enjoying your last minute shopping!!!!
Be safe! always smile! and spread love!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blogmas No. (6) day 22nd: Holiday/Winter lipsiee

Hi lovies! Happy Saturday!
For the upcoming holidays and for this winter season, I've been enjoying wearing red lipstick. These are my favorite/most worn lipstick for this season:

 First and foremost, I need to exfoliate, my favorite one is from Elf.

And then moisturize, this time I used EOS.  Time to put my first drugstore lipstick from Revlon lip butter - raspberry pie. I love this one coz it's moisturizing and you can wear it everyday. It's very pigmented, lasting power is not that great but I don't mind reapplying since its very moisturizing on the lips.

Top: Moisturize using EOS/ Bottom: Revlon lip butter in raspberry pie

Second one, (top image) is from Rimmel - Red fever, its a true red lipstick, it has a matte finish. Lasting power is excellent. I prefer to put some gloss on the top since its matte finish so it tends to dry my lips more. But the color is perfect considering the price. It is somehow similar to Mac-Rubywoo.

Top: Rimmel Red fever/ Bottom: Rimmel Kate Moss Matte 107
 Third one (bottom image) is from Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick -107. I never imagined myself wearing this such deep red color lipstick. But I actually been enjoying this lipstick which is perfect for this season. Staying power is superb, same as above its a matte lipstick so if you have dry lips like me, you have to exfoliate first and moisturise! And same like with the other rimmel lipstick this is a great alternative for the expensive lipstick available in the market.
 What about you, what lipstick are you wearing for this coming holiday? 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Blogmas No. (5) day 21th: glitz and glam nail polish

Hi everyone! just quick post, and wanna share my nail of the day. From the first time I saw this in pinterest I immediately fell in love and wanted to do the same. So I ordered the exact nail polish in Sephora. This is the original pin:

and this is my version:

Final verdict: its OK as for the first trial. Though its not as much as perfect like her, but I enjoyed doing it, its nice for a change. I just need more practice. But its perfect for this season - glitz and glam nail.

have a great day! see you tomorrow!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blogmas No. (4) day 20th: Winter skincare must have!

Its getting colder everyday! Last week I started keeping all my summer clothes and time to shine for my winter clothes! Apart from keeping ourselves warm, we also need to consider changing our skincare routine.
During winter time our skin requires some extra TLC, so let’s not take for granted our skin during this season. At the end who wants to have a flaky, dry, and dull skin???!!!
So here’s a complete affordable skincare must have for winter:

Winter skincare must haves

Body: number 1 rule: EXFOLIATE! We have to exfoliate at least once in a week. I love the Soap & Glory Flake away, the scent is to die for. Body brush is a great tool to use, it also helps to circulate the blood. Then you have to choose a gentle and moisturizing body wash. Philosophy has a good body wash. And ofcourse don't forget to moisturise your skin, I love bodyshop shea butter.
Face: Exfoliate!!! I normally exfoliate 3 times in a week but ideally once a week is ok. I love Neutrogena face scrub. You also need to use a gentle facial wash, I'm using Olay. For face brush if you have a budget then go for Clarisonic. I personally don't own clarisonic but I found a best alternative and it will not cost you $$$, its from Sephora complexion face brush it works prefectly fine for me. Though its winter we still need to wear SPF, I've been using Olay complete with SPF 15 and at night I'm using Olay age defying - love the smell and makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated. You know that I love my Bodyshop vitamin C serum, this adds glow and radiant to your skin.
For Lips: I always have dry and chapped lips, Elf lips defoliator is my best friend, very convenient to use and handy. And my all time favorite lip balm from Neutrogena.
For Hands and Nails: I always have dry cuticles and Lush saved my life. This is a perfect cream not only for your cuticle you can also use this in any dry part of your body.
Soap and glory hand food hand cream is just amazing. If you love rose scent then you will love this. But the major thing to look forward for this cream is the effect that it gives to your hand. It's an instant moisturizer. its not greasy and quickly absorbed.

What about you, what is your staple skincare must have during winter season? I would love to know. 
Have a great day! see you tomorrow for my next blogmas!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blogmas No.(3) day 19th plus What I'm loving Wednesday and Oh how Pinteresting

Hi everyone! Blogmas number 3, day 19th!

For blogmas number 3/day 19th, I am sharing a virtual peek into our apartments' Christmas deco. This year I've decided not to put up our Christmas tree and I didn't even bought any new decoration/ornaments since time didn't permit me to do so and plus we are going out for holiday. So I've used up our old decorations, just mix and match and voila it turned out nice. Now we can really feel the spirit of Christmas.
Though we have simple decorations for this year the most important is the true meaning of Christmas...

and for what I'm loving wednesday....


Currently, I'm loving all the christmas songs of Mindly Gledhill, MUST have for christmas!!!

I'm currently loving sweet foodie, particularly the macaroons paired with Turkish coffee (ahhh I'm in cloud nine...)

and an old time favorite, I don't know... out of all the good cookies to die for that are available in the market, there are days that I just go back to my old time favorIte chips ahoy cookies!

For nail polish, I'm currently loving everything in glittery paired with my stackable baublebar ring. LOVE IT!

I'm also loving the Winter theme in City Centre

And finally but not the least, I am loving my iphone 5! finally it reached here... (sorry still with the protective sheet)

It's pinning time!

into my tummy!


have you been???????

drum roll....

but, ofcourse....

 I hope you are enjoying this holiday season and keeping up with the Christmas rush! keep smiling and spread love...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blogmas No. (2) day 18th: gift ideas for HIM

Hi everyone! Part two, this time I'm giving you some gift ideas for HIM...

For gadget lover like my hubby, this would be the perfect time to give him some special gift.

gift for him

For watch fanatic, if your budget permits, watch is another good gift (don't forget it is also a good investment)

gift for him

Bangle watch / Frédérique Constant photo engraved jewelry / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacobs watch / Oakley Holeshot Watch

and some fashion stuff...

gift for him

And finally for sport lovers

gift for him

Hope this somehow helps you and gave you some ideas. See you tomorrow on my third blogmas!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Blogmas No. (1) day 17th: gift ideas for HER

Hi lovies! you may have probably seen this all over the YT, but since I don't have YT channel as yet, I've decided to do this on my blog. Blogmas means blogging everyday till Christmas (whew I hope I can keep it up...)

Usually vlogmas or blogmas starts in the first day of December till the Christmas day, but as you all know I'm currently enjoying the roller coaster ride of my career (lol). Anyways so if you don't mind I just need to jump into the 17th day in accordance of today's date (its like fast forward mode lol). I still have 7 more days to blogmas so lets just enjoy the ride and look forward to my everyday blogmas!

Christmas is time for giving, I know everybody is out and about now and buying gifts for their love ones. For part one, I'm giving you some gift ideas for HER...

For makeup lover like me, gift sets are such a perfect present! It is actually cheaper than buying them individually you may find these at your local Sephora or Ulta shops.

for her gift

NARS Cosmetics / Tarte sheer makeup / Sephora Collection / NARS Cosmetics beauty product / Bare Escentuals / Tarte / Urban Decay beauty product / Smashbox beauty product / Benefit beauty product

For jewelry lover like me, bauble bar is my number 1 favorite jewelry/accessory online shop (apart from our own jewelry line wink ;) ) but seriously their lines of jewelry are just amazing, you may want to check the christmas sets that they currently have...

SourceL from

and some more fashion stuff...

for her gift

J.Crew colorblock sweater / J.Crew long sleeve knit shirt / Forever 21 knit top / Forever 21 peplum top / Rebecca Minkoff / J.Crew zip wallet / Betsey Johnson watch / J.Crew j crew

and finally for a food lover like me:

for her gift

Hope this somehow helps you... see you tomorrow on my second part of blogmas - gift ideas for HIM

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life lately...

It has been a crazy roller coaster ride of a month! I'm extremely behind on about everything from this blog, to my personal life and socializing (I even forgot to greet my niece on her birthday, I’m so in big trouble :-/ ). But what’s new with that?! Though I love challenges, but for last month and this month it’s been tough at work. I did everything against the clock. We merge to other firm and we moved to new premises and I did the entire physical move in just 4 days!!! How did I do this?!? I don’t even know… up till now there are still some works to be done and rules to be in placed. Like they said “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining”

I have lots of post lined up and I’m hoping to do this before I go to my Christmas holiday. I am so looking forward for my holiday, just to recharge and unwind. And ofcourse I am so looking forward again to participate in WILW and Oh How pinteresting, and to do my regular post - such as Friday radar window shopping,  Love @ first sight to my heart's delight, my weekly recipe, and many more... I missed all of these things, I felt I was out of the cyber world for a year! Enough of ramblings! But thanks for reading! See you in my next post! Have a great day!
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