Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday and Oh how Pinteresting plus Go Pink Wednesday

Hi everyone... its not really a Happy Wednesday to everyone right now especially on the East Coast... I'm sending my thoughts and prayers to everyone on the East Coast, please stay safe....

On the brighter side let me jump into my weekly WILW and Oh how Pinteresting by The Vintage Apple and my last post for Go Pink Wednesday in support of the breast cancer awareness.


Since I'm gravitating towards leopard prints right now, did my first attempt of leopard mani... I'm not sure if I love it or hate it... or maybe just didn't do the proper way. Well anyways, its my first time... (trying to find an excuse :D )
Since this is my last post for Go Pink Wednesday, I just want to say Thank you and I'm so grateful that I've been part of this... It was fun especially seeing cute nail arts in color pink. I had fun and it push me outside of my comfort zone such like the above and trying out things for first time.  And knowing that we're doing this for good cause... Again thanks!

I’m loving that I finally finished organizing my bag dresser, I was really happy with the outcome...
I’m loving my bubble necklace, which is similar to J.Crew but much way cheaper. This is my outfit yesterday I really love how it makes the simple top looks so glam. I also love the new bow bracelet that I got.

Top from H&M; bubble necklace and bow bracelet from Amazon; rhinestone bracelet from Forever21

I’m loving this message... have faith...
Source: via Debi on Pinterest

It's pinning time! loving everything in pink...


mason jar + pink color =perfect

want this....

I hope one day I can see this in real life...

pink room + hello kitty = adorable

Stay heathly, smile and spread love...
Pink for October <3

Sunday, October 28, 2012


As much as I love cooking, make-ups or other girly things, I am also somehow an organize junkie.

These are the things that I have accomplished for the past weeks:

FIRST: Labeling the key:

I've seen this pin a lot:

I was about to do the same thing, but then when I saw these cute key caps, I’ve changed my mind… 

so this how my keys look like before, a plain unlabeled boring keys:

and after:

two adorable monkey caps, paired with my cute london keychain.

SECOND: entry hallway

I’ve noticed that we have 2 common everyday problems in the house:
1. finding annoying shoes next to the door; and
2. misplacing the keys

So what solution I thought? Time to get a shoe storage unit! But since our apartment is small only, I need to look for a unit that would perfectly fit and will function not only as a shoe storage but would also function for other needs. Luckily I found one on sale!

This how it looks before:

And after:

This is how we organized now our everyday shoes, this solves our problem number 1.

On the top of the shelf, the plates are dedicated for our keys, so this solves problem number 2, now no more misplacing of keys.

In addition, I also placed a mail holder, well actually its a napkin holder! (wink) but just flip it over and made it as a letterholder so the labels won't show. (Sometimes we just need to think outside the box, things are not just meant for a certain things, you have to explore and think for its other use.) Well this napkin holder does the trick for holding our mails.

And printed this inspirational quote about our home just a simple reminder..., which I really love!


Last thing I’ve recently accomplished is organizing my bags. For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to get a dresser for my bags. I used to just put them in a small part of my dresser and some are just floating around the room (which is very annoying!), but after my recent purchase of bags the space is not enough anymore. And like I said we don’t have enough space, so I need to consider the available space we got in the room.

Found a shoe cabinet, which I think will do the trick as my bag dresser. And it perfectly fits the corner where I planned to put it.

So this how it looks like before (sorry for the bad picture and with all the mess...)

and after:

Inside the drawer, I placed some of my jewelries and I have also placed some boxes to organized my scarf and camis. By the way, I keep sturdy boxes, and reuse them as a storage and as a divider.

And finally, my bags are organized! So now, I can see what I have and this makes my life easy in selecting what bag I want to use and plus this helps my bag to be in good condition.
For work, I pretty much change bag every week

On the top, I placed some plates and some ring/bracelet holder to organized my jewelries. I also decorate it with candle and some pictures. and I also placed the book which is also nice as a decorative item and it also serves as a simple reminder for me that - "everything is going to be OK..."

Found this plate in Daiso (a Japanese shop), used it as my watch/jewelry holder, it does the trick!

The ceramic hand is supposed to be a pen holder, but decided to used it as my ring holder.

That's what I have accomplished for this past weeks...
What about you what is your recent home organization project? or do you have any organizing tips or tricks? would love to know!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday window shopping radar.. ACTIVATED!

Hi Lovies!!!! Finally its Friday!!! off to work!!! and luckily because of the public holidays here, we will be off till Tuesday! yey!!! it means more time for blogging!!!

so best way to start my long weekend is to do some online window shopping!!!

For a while now, I find myself being gravitated towards leopard prints... I never owned any clothing with this kind of prints... coz I'm not sure if I'm brave enough or I can confidently wear this kind... so let me start doing some window online shopping...

First I would like to own some flats....
I fell in love with the Valentino... studs and leopard prints into one, what a perfect match to have... but with the price, I don't think I can have this pair, but however I found some alternative which are also nice!

Leopard flats

{one}Valentino ballet flat / {two} Jimmy Choo ballet flat / {3} Kate Spade shoes / {four} Tory Burch ballet flat /{five} Gianni Bini Feisty Leopard-Print Flats / {six} Jessica Simpson Malisa Leopard-Print Flats/ {seven} Zara ballet flat /{eight} Eliana Leopard Beaded/ {nine} Madewell ballet flat

and some more...

Leopard collection

I had fun doing some online window shopping, had some pretty good finds! I hope I can own leopard prints soon!

What about you? What's in your online shopping list? Would love to know...

Have a good weekend!!!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday and Oh how Pinteresting plus Go Pink Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Its time for WILW and Oh how Pinteresting by The Vintage Apple and my second post for Go Pink Wednesday in support of the breast cancer awareness.

so lets' jump in...


I’m loving my first attempt of ombre style mani. used pink colors to support BCA. not bad for a first timer.

I’m loving my Travalo Perfume Atomizer in HOT PINK, this is such lifesaver.

I’m loving this email that received from by best friend... and wanna share it with you...

Though I’m loving this song, but this really broke my heart....
(The truth by Nicole Ricken available on iTunes 100% profit will be donated to childhood cancer organization called "The Truth 365")

It's pinning time! loving everything in pink...


I'm loving the pink color

Pink living room, very girly!

so cute!!!

childhood days flashback...

picture perfect

would love to have one...

and best way to end it... this is so similar on my last weeks' pin, but this is also so nice I wish I can go to that place someday and witness it personally...

Stay heathly, smile and spread love...
Pink for October <3

a week recap....

Hi lovies! I hope everyone is having a good week! I personally had a good one last week. This is a quick recap of last week, which ended up being slightly busier than planned. 
Last Wednesday I was pleased with all the lovely comments that I’ve received. Apology for late response, I’ve been busy with work and running things against the clock. But like they said - "better late than never"! ). from the bottom of my heart Thank you so much!!!! this really means a lot to me!

Aside from the unexpected lovely comments from fellow bloggers, on the same day I also received an unexpected early delivery of the parcel from my sister which contains most of the things that I ordered online. Oh finally I can put my hands on it!  

By now I know you already might have guessed it, most of it are make-ups! 

some elf products, I ordered it when they had the BOGO sale. Real technique brushes that I have been wanting for so long. and some drugstore products.

And also made some order from Baublebar, my favorite would be the disco ball bracelet

And finally, the most awaited Naked Palette and The Balm Nude Tude. Oh dear after one month and a half of waiting, I can finally put my hands on it!
 And best way to end my Wednesday evening, my hubby surprised me with a make up acrylic box, I have been eyeing for this but only option is to order it online which will obviously cost me a lot$$$. But hubby found his way; luckily one of his friends has this kind of business. Really like it!

So this how my small vanity area looks like before: I just used to keep my make-ups on the first drawer and I keep some in plastic containers since not all of it can fit in that drawer.

and this how it looks like now:

I'm really loving it! I'm still in process of arranging it.

and following days, been busy trying to wrap up work and been out and about with friends.

Will love to know your week recap... 


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