Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday and Oh how Pinteresting plus Go Pink Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Its time for WILW and Oh how Pinteresting by The Vintage Apple and my second post for Go Pink Wednesday in support of the breast cancer awareness.

so lets' jump in...


I’m loving my first attempt of ombre style mani. used pink colors to support BCA. not bad for a first timer.

I’m loving my Travalo Perfume Atomizer in HOT PINK, this is such lifesaver.

I’m loving this email that received from by best friend... and wanna share it with you...

Though I’m loving this song, but this really broke my heart....
(The truth by Nicole Ricken available on iTunes 100% profit will be donated to childhood cancer organization called "The Truth 365")

It's pinning time! loving everything in pink...


I'm loving the pink color

Pink living room, very girly!

so cute!!!

childhood days flashback...

picture perfect

would love to have one...

and best way to end it... this is so similar on my last weeks' pin, but this is also so nice I wish I can go to that place someday and witness it personally...

Stay heathly, smile and spread love...
Pink for October <3

18 share your thoughts:

  1. lovely nail art, love the pink pictures.xx

  2. Oh I remember all those Barbie shoes!! What a flashback, whew I am getting O L D :)
    That pink living room is great!

    Happy Wednesday! Swinging by from Michelle's :)

    1. I know I had the same feeling, I'm getting OLD, but young at heart! thanks for dropping by....


  3. Love your ombre!!! You did a great job esp for your first shot!

    All the pink pins make me super happy... love the little marhmellow owls too!

    Found you on the OHP link up! xo, Bev

    1. thanks for dropping by....!!!... i fell in love also with the marshmallows so cute!!!


  4. I must know where that pink coca cola can is! I also need to know where that road is, so I can drive through it over and over and take in the beauty of those leaves! So red/pink and perfect!


    1. I know I also want to know where to get it! I'll let you know if I found it! (if it really exists...) and the pink road (as I called it) is so beautiful!!!!

      thanks for dropping by...


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