Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday window shopping radar.. ACTIVATED!

Hi Lovies!!!! Finally its Friday!!! off to work!!! and luckily because of the public holidays here, we will be off till Tuesday! yey!!! it means more time for blogging!!!

so best way to start my long weekend is to do some online window shopping!!!

For a while now, I find myself being gravitated towards leopard prints... I never owned any clothing with this kind of prints... coz I'm not sure if I'm brave enough or I can confidently wear this kind... so let me start doing some window online shopping...

First I would like to own some flats....
I fell in love with the Valentino... studs and leopard prints into one, what a perfect match to have... but with the price, I don't think I can have this pair, but however I found some alternative which are also nice!

Leopard flats

{one}Valentino ballet flat / {two} Jimmy Choo ballet flat / {3} Kate Spade shoes / {four} Tory Burch ballet flat /{five} Gianni Bini Feisty Leopard-Print Flats / {six} Jessica Simpson Malisa Leopard-Print Flats/ {seven} Zara ballet flat /{eight} Eliana Leopard Beaded/ {nine} Madewell ballet flat

and some more...

Leopard collection

I had fun doing some online window shopping, had some pretty good finds! I hope I can own leopard prints soon!

What about you? What's in your online shopping list? Would love to know...

Have a good weekend!!!!


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  1. My eyes always get drawn to leopard prints. I love them ;D.xx

    1. thanks for dropping by! same thing here, but never owned one :( kinda scared if I can wear it, but now will definitely look for one and try to wear them till I get use to it...

      have a great day!


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