Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My first experience with Little Black Bag

Lately I’ve been so interested with monthly beauty services. And recently everyone is raving about Little Black Bag. So I’ve decided to check it out and sign-up. So what is Little Black Bag (LBB)?

LBB is an online shopping monthly subscription service, same concept like the other beauty subscription service. But instead of receiving random beauty products, with LBB you are in full control of your items. LBB carries handbags, accessories, makeup, jewelry, and even some home decor. The brands that their carrying are - Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden, Disney Couture, and many more others. So, initially upon signing up you have to take a style quiz. Then you have to choose, whether you want to subscribe for monthly and for one time deal. One time deal cost $60/- and for monthly $49.99 plus shipping, I paid total net of $54.33. (I know it’s kinda expensive!) Please note that if you choose monthly you still have an option of skipping the month. Thereafter, you go and view their gallery, which consists of the various items I mentioned above. You go and choose your first/main item, once you have obtained your main item, they will disclose what are the mystery items that the LBB stylist added to your bag (it might range to 2-3 items and these are based on your style quiz). You will then proceed to the main gallery, this time you will notice that under the gallery they have added your bag. And the fun part begins!

The exciting part is that you can trade the items that you didn’t like. Please note that you have only 7 days to trade your items. And another important thing to note, their adding new products every Monday and Thursday. So how can you trade for your item(s)? You go to the gallery and once you found the item that you like, click “Make a Trade Offer.” And then you select the item(s) from your bag that you want to trade. Shoppers who have the item will be notified immediately that they have a trade request!  Then once you’re happy with your bag, or if the 7 days passed then you have your LBB box shipped to you.

What I choose?

Initially I wanted to get the Nila Doctor Bag (in turquoise color), but it was already sold out. Since I’m very excited and really wanted to try how the system works. I just choose Urban expression envelope clutch. In the picture is looks OK.

Then after that they added 2 more items:

I didn’t like both of the items, especially the neon plastic orange bag from BCBGeneration.

I tried so much to trade both of the items but nobody wanted to accept it. Then one day one LBB shopper offered me a Betsey Johnson Necklace in trade of the BCBGeneration neon orange bag. So I accepted the offer, when I got the Betsey Johnson 2 Row Frog & Flower Necklace, you can’t imagine how many offers I’ve received! But apparently didn’t like any of the offers, so I’ve decided to keep it. Same thing, with my a.v. max - Single Stud Hoop Earrings and my main item, I kept both of it since I didn’t received any good offers and none of them also accepted my offers.

NOTE: Just be aware, trading is so addicting!!!


Even though that I already knew what items I will be receiving, I’m still excited to see how it actually looks like. Along with my items they have included a return/exchange form, which will not apply to me since I don’t live in US.

So what I got?

My free Redken dry shampoo 54ml- I never tried this brand, so I’m looking forward to try this.

Betsey Johnson 2 Row Frog & Flower Necklace- very cute design! Normal retail price is $42/-

a.v. max - Single Stud Hoop Earrings- nice, just to add to my collection. Normal retail price is $30/-(not sure about the exact amount coz its not stated in the package, but I can remember its approx $30)

And finally my main item: Urban Expressions-Licorice Clutch, normal retail price is $55/-. its an envelope clutch that comes with gold shoulder chain.

One main thing why I don't prefer to shop online is that because I won’t be able to scrutinize the item. One thing that you should know about me is that, when purchasing I am very meticulous; since I’m paying/buying the item, I wanted it to be perfect as much as possible. When I unpack the bag, I immediately checked each corner of it and apparently I found some damages:

1. Theirs' a gap in stitching, in comparison with the other side whereas the connecting stitch was perfectly done.

2. In the same corner, a part of the leather is almost peeling off.

3. And some minor stitching problem
Comparison: above image side with defect; bottom image side which is OK.

But like I said I don’t have a choice but to keep the item. I’m not willing to spend shipping charges. But if I were in US definitely I would have returned the item.

Final Thoughts:
  1. I personally found that $50/- a bit expensive, if I’m a resident in US there are lots of shop options who also carries the same brand that their offering (i.e. Marshall, TJ Max, Ross, etc.) and the price might be cheaper and you might find better deal and brands.
  2. And like me, who’s very meticulous buyer, I would rather choose to see the item in actual. 
  3. Same thought applies like with other monthly beauty subscription, if you have extra money then why not. LBB is such a fun experience in terms of online/social shopping! So why not try!?! and it seems that they have a good return exchange policy (I wish I could try that, but like I said it doesn't apply with me) But remember with LBB your happiness is guaranteed! Am I going to open my next bag again?? My answer, ofcourse!!!! its a fun interactive shopping! and at the same time you can gain some LBB friend shopper!!!


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