Monday, August 13, 2012

A beautiful day

Today is such a beautiful day, I felt its like my birthday! Why? Coz I received 2 mails at the same time.

Unboxing my first box:

My first and last Julep Maven

I am very much interested with monthly beauty subscription, even though that I’m paying extra I just want to give it a try and share my thoughts about it. I knew this subscription awhile back now, but I was not interested to subscribe since I found it too way pricey for the product that you’re getting. But then, when I was surfing the net I saw this discount code for initial subscription, the fee is only a PENNY! Yes you heard me right only a PENNY. So I subscribed with them. And the customer service is excellent! I emailed them for some shipping issues and they responded promptly.

Same like any other beauty subscription, upon signing up you have to take a short quiz, to basically know your style. According to the quiz my style is- Classic with a Twist, and they showed the items or the color of the nail polish that I’ll be receiving.
Photo credit from Julep maven site

But since I’m not very interested of receiving the nail polish color that's included in Classic with Twist, I changed and pick other style which is- Bombshell .

So what I have received:

  1. two cute toe separators;
  2. Natasha - a bright, vibrant, and creamy orange
  3. Oscar - sparkly gold glitter
  4. Pedi Crème which claims to exfoliate, hydrate, and nourish your feet
Final thoughts:

This kind of monthly subscription is kinda different than the other beauty subscription since Julep maven only caters nail products. You're receiving a 2  full size of their nail polish and each one is being retailed for $14/-, and you're just paying $20/- a month which I think a pretty good deal! Its a good deal if you don't have any other option of nail polishes. Having said that even though that you're getting a 2 full size of nail polish I still find it a bit expensive, if you're like me who is a budget conscious type girl, then I would rather go and seek for sale section of nail polishes and some great deals in drugstore. In this way, I can choose the color that I really like and brands that I have tried or wanting to try.
I cancelled my subscription, since as I said I don't find it practical for me to pay $20 plus some shipping charges to SnS and out of that I'm just getting a nail polish. I would rather save the money and buy the nail polish that I really wanted. But as always, it depends on your preferences, if you have extra money/budget then why not.
But additional, positive side, I really like the formula of the nail polish.

Unboxing my second box:

Insider's Choice Box

Being a budget conscious type girl, I am always in the mood of seeking for a good deal. And one lucky day while surfing the net, I found this good deal from BeutyBar. Beauty Bar teamed up with CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) and they have collated 11 pieces of award-winning beauty products and they put this all together in one box for only $25(free shipping)!

This is for a limited time only! And they also have a special deal that when you buy 2 boxes you'll get the third box for free by using the code BBCEW. Great deal right!?

So in my case, I paid for the box ($25), plus I paid $28/- for SnS, so total that I spent $53/-. Still a great deal coz the total value of the box is $109/-

What's in the Insider's Choice box?

  1. L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Serum Intense -(Full-Size: 1 FL OZ, $24.99;
    Size Received: 1 FL OZ, $24.99 )
  2. *L’Oréal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara -(Full-Size: 0.34 OZ, $8.95;
    Size Received: 0.34 OZ, $8.95)
  3. *Heidi Klum Shine Eau De Toilette, 0.5 oz. - (Full-Size: 0.5 FL OZ, $9.99;
    Size Received: 0.5 FL OZ, $9.99)
  4. StriVectin-TL Tightening Neck Cream, Travel Size (Full-Size: 1.7 OZ, $89.00;
    Size Received: 0.25 FL OZ, $13.08)
  5. *L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream-1 oz. - (Full-Size: 1 OZ, $10.00;
    Size Received: 1 OZ, $10.00)
  6. *Burt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuaçu Butters Body Lotion -(Full-Size: 6 OZ, $8.00; Size Received: 6 OZ, $8.00)
  7. *Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm-Red Dahlia -(Full-Size: 0.15 OZ, $7.00;
    Size Received: 0.15 OZ, $7.00)
  8. *Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer in Neutralizer - (Full-Size: 0.2 FL OZ, $9.99; Size Received: 0.2 FL OZ, $9.99)
  9. IT Cosmetic Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, Travel Size - (Full-Size: 0.28 FL OZ, $24.00;
    Size Received: 0.11 FL OZ, $9.42)
  10. *Dr. T’s Supergoop! All-Over Everyday UV Lotion for Face & Body – SPF 30+ – 1.6 oz. Travel Size - (Full-Size: 1.6 FL OZ, $14.00; Size Received: 1.6 FL OZ, $14.00)
  11. *Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Color Strips, Animal Instinct-16 count - (Full-Size: 1 SET, $9.99  (each); Size Received: 1 SET, $9.99 USD (each) = $20.00 USD for both.)
*- Received item in full size

Out of the 11 products I've received 8 products in full size, I really like the selection of the products that I've got. The price that I've paid is all worth it! Cant wait to review/try some of the products that are new to me.

Get it while it lasts!


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