Friday, September 14, 2012

Style to Steal

Apology for not updating my blog, I've been so busy these past few weeks with work and on top of that I'm helping my friend in preparing a surprise 50th party for her husband. And the much awaited and long preparation surprise party will be happening tomorrow. So cross finger I hope everything goes as planned.

Anyways, since its Thursday I've received an update from Little Black Bag (LBB) with regards to their newly added products. And when I saw one of their new items, even though that I'm so tired I can't help myself not to share this with you!

I've been dying to own this Celine bag!!! (and I think my wallet will also die soon! lol) unfortunately this "IT BAG" (so called) is always sold out and here in Bah we don’t have much of option. Last time I went to Saks 5th Avenue they only got 1 color.

Who's not going to fall in love with this bag?!? It looks classy, very roomy/big bag (just right up my alley), and with a unique structured look which I think makes this bag stand out.

So let's splurge our eyes…
image from Celine site

Enough of splurging, well actually the reason why I have mentioned LBB is that because I found this new item that they got from Street Level which retails for $72/- but with *LBB you are getting it for $49.95 only! with an inclusive of 2 or 3 more items, this is a great "style to steal" for the Celine Boston Bag.

Left image from Celine site/ right image from LBB

*Find the full details about LBB here!!

NOTE: Please note that I am not affiliated with any of the company mentioned. 


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