Saturday, January 12, 2013

Packing tips

Hi everyone! Happy new year! I hope everyone had a good new year! I'm back! and its nice to be back in blogosphere! I felt I was away more than a month! I've been catching up with other blogs and youtube videos.

Our vacation was nice, though the weather in China and communication was a bit of challenging. I'll be sharing you some pictures on my next post. 

For now, I've thought of sharing some packing tips. Before, packing was a challenge for me. I used to overpacked and ending up with lots of unnecessary things, so as a result I don't have extra room to shop. But since I've travelled a lot, I've learned to make packing easier, so thought of sharing this with you guys!

First: Do your research. Make sure to check the weather of your destination. Things/clothes that you have to pack will depend on the weather of your destination.
There are various sites for this such as: AccuWeather,  The Weather Channel, and/or Weather underground

Second: Choose your basic clothes and make sure to keep it in same color tone. This way you will not have difficulty in mixing and matching your clothes. You should also know if you are attending any special events/dinner, this way you can atleast take a basic formal dress.

Third: Bring your basic shoes. You don't have to bring tons of shoes. Oh how I wish I can do that... but shoes take up lots of space. In my recent trip, I wore my bulkiest shoes, which is my boots. Since its winter, I didn't take any flat shoes with me, instead I just brought some extra ankle length boots. And I also brought a basic pair of high heels.

Make sure to put your shoes in a shoe bags/pouch like this, so this way you will not have to worry of anything getting dirty. Alternatively, you can just put your shoes in a plastic bag.

Fourth: Basic Toiletries. Though most of the hotels do provides the basic toiletries that you may require but I always prefer to bring my own. So in this case I always buy the travel size toiletries or sometimes I transfer the content in a small travel size container such as like this. For the bag, I am using Vera Bradley, I love it, coz first I love the colorful designs, second inside its lined with plastic so I don't have to worry if in case something might spill, coz I can just easily clean it up. Third the size is just perfect and it has zipper.

Sorry I already threw the bottles that I have brought for the trip, but I brought the soap and glory travel minis.I just always bring travel size because you can always buy in case you need more.

Fifth: Choose your basic makeup. Same like clothes, you have to choose your basic makeup only. I also think that you have to consider the weather of your destination. Like for instance, if you know that its summer/humid then you have to choose a makeup that can handle this kind of weather. So for my situation since its winter, I prefer to wear light make-up and I also took liquid form instead of powder form since during winter my skin tends to get more drier.

Sixth: Medicines. I always bring the basic medicine that I may require and put it in a medicine container. I also do bring some band aids.

 (Sorry just took this picture after our trip so medicine are already consumed)

 Seventh: Gadgets and Charges. In my recent travel I didn't take any laptop or ipad, since I knew that most of the time I will be out and about. And my iphone is just enough. But in case you're traveling for business purpose always put your laptop/ipad in a bag/case.
Camera. Very important to capture those special moments.
Don't forget to bring your chargers. I always check online the electricity outlet available in the place of my destination or otherwise you can bring a universal adaptor. I keep all my charges in one bag.

I also always bring my luggage scale, this helps me a lot to track the weight of my luggage. Its small and handy.

Eight: Some extra stuff. Room spray, yes I really mean Room spray. I hate the smell of smoke though you requested for non-smoking room or most of the time hotel rooms just smell so bad. I love this Concentrated Room Spray from Bath and Body works. Its small and light weight but scent last for long. And ofcourse I love the Margarita scent.
Plastic bags. I always bring extra big plastic bags to put our dirty clothes.
Towels, though I know that this is being provided by the hotels, but for hygienic reason I prefer bringing my own towel.
Jewelry and Accessories. Choose your basic jewelry/accessories and put it in a jewelry pouch like this. Extra small messenger bag. I always bring my Juicy Couture messenger bag coz its small, it has zipper and easy to carry.

in my shoulder bag...

I love bringing my LV neverfull bag every time I travel. The size is perfect and its light weight.

The only down side of this bag is that it does not have a zipper so its not really secure, but in my recent travel I manage to solve this issue. I got this free cotton tote bag from payless and its perfect coz it has a zipper.

It perfectly fits inside my LV bag. So this time I don't have to worry.

What's inside?

My things are always in placed inside my organizer bag, this makes my life easy coz in this way I don't have to remove my items one by one. I change my bag every week, this organizer bag really helps me a lot and saves time.

Inside my organizer bag, I have:

one: passport pocket, got mine in Target for $1/-
two: hand lotion, you need to keep your skin hydrated
three: hand sanitizer, to always keep your hand clean and germ free
four: my card holders
five: camera, to capture those moments
six: wallets, for travel I want to keep my bag as light weight as possible. And since my everyday wallet is quite bulky and heavy, I change it to a smaller wallet. The brown one is from Mango, which holds the foreign currencies. And the white one contains my cards and some local money currencies.
seven: my handy notebook, I always keep this notebook with me, you'll never know when you need to jot down some important notes
eight: wet ones, for hygienic reason
nine: makeup wallet, I don't like to put makeup when I travel. But I always bring some basic make-up to freshen-up upon arrival.
ten: pen, you always need to bring pen its important. for instance you may need it for filling up an immigration form.

That's my basic packing tips, I hope this somehow helps you...
What about you what are you're travel pack tips?


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