Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New addition to my bag collection

One of the best parts in my sister’s location is that they’re near the Camarillo premium outlet shop. I love this place they have tons to offer. Since for a while now I’ve been thinking of getting another MK, Tory Burch or Coach bags, but can’t really decide which brand to go to. But then, I saw Kate spade, and I was immediately hooked it’s like a candy shop!! (sorry for the ignorance coz this shop doesn’t exist in Bah so I don’t have an idea what styles they have). I was like a child wanting to have everything :) I liked 2 bags, but then I just decided to get this green bag since its eye catching and the color is perfect for summer.

In my mind, I was debating with myself whether to get the other bag that I liked but end up of not getting it.

And when we reach home, I was really surprise! My nice sister surprise me and brought the other bag that I liked as a present (How did she sneak out on me??? well with the help of her husband). Sweet!!!!!


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