Friday, June 29, 2012

Kids time! Legoland visit!

Well, enough of shopping! This time we went to Legoland to spare some bonding time with my niece and nephew.

I remembered when I was a child; I’ve got this lego magazine where they have featured their theme parks. And I was amaze and dreamt of going to Legoland. Well, it came true; but it just took a long time…

The place is amazing, one of my fav part was the mini city – it’s a replica of cities such as Las vegas, China, New York, etc

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken:

Second day:

Next day we went to the Sea life aquarium and their water park. The water park is nice but it’s a bit small. What I really like is the lazy river wherein there’s this huge lego pieces and you can built your own design and place it in your tube. My niece and nephew really enjoyed.

The rest are just simple pool for kids, the place is small so by afternoon the place is already quite congested to the point that you have to line-up in the queue for the lazy river since the tube available is limited only. What I enjoyed most is there new ride called Pirate Reef!


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